3 Benefits of having signage for your business

Signage is the best and probably the most effective method of advertising your business. Signs are around us all the time. The fact that we absorb them every single day is what makes them one of the most successful advertising mechanisms to date.

A sign’s main task is to attract new customers to your business and alert them to your company existence. A number of surveys have found that customers would have never heard about a business unless they’d seen the sign of the enterprise. Other more above-the-line media, which are popular, are television, print media and radio. However, signage adverts trump these other forms by large margins both financially and impact wise.

Let’s run through some stats quickly:

  1. Signage attracts on average 50% more customers than newspaper, television and radio adverts
  2. Signs increase profits by almost 10%
  3. A single on-site sign costs approximately R5 per one-thousand views
  4. The value of on-site signage is equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year
  5. 35% of your customers know about your local business because they saw a sign about it while passing by.



There’s no denying that signage can give you a better return on your investment while reaching a copious amount of people. Some more benefits of having signage for your business are as follows:

  1. Signage is a cost-effective marketing strategy for your business. We’ve touched on this earlier in this post. Initially, the outlay of getting your sign produced can be quite costly. However, once your sign is up there are no further costs, unlike other above-the-line channels. If you consider the amount of people who will see your sign versus the costs of getting your sign up, you’ll see that it’s an extremely worthwhile investment.
  2. Signs work all day, every day, 365 days a year. Once your sign is up, it’s there. For as long as you have your sign up, everyone can see whenever they pass it. There are no special times when your sign can be up, unlike other forms of advertising that have cut-off days of how long they can run. Another great value for your money.
  3. Exposure. EXPOSURE! There is no denying the impact that your sign can create. Look at it this way, 50% of the customers that walk into your store or buy your product is because they saw some sort of signage about it. Compared to other forms of advertising this is a good statistic. If your business is more of a small local start-up, having signage allows for the community around your business to better identify with your brand.

Despite the popularity of digital platforms and advertising, print and banner signage still plays a vital role in the promotion of many small and locally owned businesses. Signage proves to be the most cost effective medium of advertising that should definitely be part of your marketing strategy.

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