The Latest Signage Trends

The signage industry remains an important sector in the South African economy. Not only is this growing industry always leading the way forward in cutting edge innovation, but it also helps businesses to reach new audiences and expand their market share. Keeping up with the latest signage trends can help your business to expand and maximise its return on investment.

It is estimated that drivers and pedestrians take in an average of more than 1,500 different sights and sounds per hours, while driving and walking. With all of that stimulation, information and noise going through their heads, your signage needs to stand out in order to be recognised. Let’s take a look at some of the trends leading the signage industry forward today.

Trend #1 Interactive Signs

Interactive marketing is taking digital displays into the future. It makes outdoor and interactive signs a fantastic choice for engaging with customers. These displays and signage helps your business to reach beyond advertising demographics and into the world of your consumer.

Trend #2 Customisable Displays

There are just some times that companies are unable to find the right fit for their message, from across the pre-set and pre-manufactured signage available. Customisable displays have become very popular among trendy, inimitable businesses, for obvious reasons.

Trend #3 Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Indoor and outdoor banners remain a popular trend, since these banners can be used time and again. With quality banners, you can add value to your brand while also getting your branding message across succinctly and successfully to your target audience.



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