Machines Used by Digital Printers

Digital printing is the process of transferring documents from a computer to another digital storage device and then printing it with a digital printer. This can be used for various reasons, be it branding, specialty printing, standard labels, and packaging. This is a highly specialised type of printing that is why it requires specific equipment.

When it is simply not enough to print using a regular printer and you are seeking to achieve a particular look and feel for your products, digital printing is the answer. You may be wondering about what goes into the process that seems to be incredibly expensive. Sure you see the end result but you may still wonder why it has to be so costly and highly specialised. We as Sytech, being leaders in the industry have taken the liberty to break down the machinery and equipment used in digital printing to give you more insight into the process.

There are different types of machines that are used for various purposes in digital printing. These range from Inkjet printers, screen printers, Head press machines, flexographic printers and more. Inkjet printers spray ionized ink on paper. Screen printers apply ink directly to the surface of objects, be it paper, fabric or other objects. Head press machines are popularly used to imprint designs or images onto a surface. It can also be used to print on fabric and other surfaces. Flexographic printing uses flexible relief plates to print onto substrate surfaces such as polyester, nylon, cartons and liner boards.

We trust that this gives you a little bit more insight into digital printing. Feel free to browse our site to learn more about the machinery and purchase it for your printing shop.

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