Case Study: Interior Rebranding

OXXO International

OxxoOXXO International was faced with the difficult task of completely updating their look for their 11,000 locations of convenient stores in Mexico and Central America. They quickly decided that wrapping their interior walls would be the easiest way to change their customer experience, but this created an additional challenge rebranding the company. “The toughest part of the job was to find a printable wall covering that could be used over the variety of surfaces that exist throughout their franchised locations,” states Printel a printer in Monterrey, Mexico. In the end, to keep a good consistent product, they chose Arlon’s DPF 8000 and Series 3420 Overlaminate.


DelixiaMaterial used: DPF 8000 and series 3420 Overlaminate printed on: HP Latex 800 and 300 printers
• 11,000 locations
• 10 Hours of Printing
• 800 sq. ft. average per location
• 20 Hours of Installation


• Can be used easily over a number of hard-to-stick surfaces.
• Quickly develops a permanent bond for long-term projects.
• Easy to test which surfaces work.
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