Banner Stands & Hanger Kits


Through Standoff (Pointed, Square, Flat)

Through Standoffs

A Through Standoff is a decorative fastener used to mount a sign panel to a wall or other surface. As an alternative to ordinary sign frames and poster frames, sign stand-offs mount sign panels in an upscale, modernized way. A sign display system created with sign stand-offs results in a three-dimensional design, as your panel is positioned away from the wall for a dramatic, eye-catching effect.

Banner Stands

Double sided roll-up

The dual sided roll-up banners are not only lightweight and portable, but they are also easy to assemble. With measurements of 85x200cm, this banner sports an aluminium base with a single leg that pivots outward.

Door Frames

This 85x200cm banner is an excellent choice for all durable indoor advertisements as it offers secure spring hooks which hold the eyeleted banner or foam board in place. It is known for its heightened stability and aesthetic appeal.

Luxury roll-up

Our luxury roll-up banner is appropriate for all affordable signage needs, with standard measurements of 85x200cm. This impressive roll-up banner has specialised chrome end caps, and a wide base for added support and durability of the media.


With two great options to choose from, these 85x200cm roll-up banners are suitable for exhibition stands and sport a sturdy single leg for support, with our economical choice offering plastic end caps and feet, while the standard option boasts a rigid aluminium base.

X Banners

Also known as a spider-banner, the X Banner is an easy-to-use, lightweight and affordable banner. It’s revered for both its simplicity and high quality. The 80x180cm banner is the most inexpensive option available for purchase and is ideal for indoor advertising at retailers and exhibitions. This banner comes in an economy and standard option.

Banner Hanging Kits

Hanger Kits

With three options to choose from, our comprehensive and affordable hanger kits are perfect for hanging an array of media. Each kit offers two 200cm rails, in addition to two hanger clips (or hooks with wire), four end caps to securely keep the media in place, and one hanger kit for the poster.

Hanger Kits

Hanger Kit 1 Assembly

Hanger Kit 1

This kit offers 2x upper holders with two 50cm manual wires, each with a diameter of 0.8mm. The kit also features two lower holders and four threaded cable holders for added stability. There are two brass cable lock inserts and four set screws to keep the wire in place.

Hanger Kit 2 Assembly

Hanger Kit 2

This compact kit features two 50cm long one-touch cables. These cables also have a diameter of 0.8mm and come alongside two lower holders for steadiness and four set screws to prevent the wires from shifting.

Hanger Kit 3 Assembly

Hanger Kit 3

Our third option features 2x upper holders with two 50cm long cables and a 0.8mm diameter of the cables. This kit also sports two lower holders each with hooks, and two set screws.

Hanger Kit 4 Assembly

Hanger Kit 4

This “wire and clamp” kit boasts two upper holders, two 50cm cables with diameters of 0.8mm and 2x lower holders with a 5mm material clamp to provide added rigidity. This kit also features two lock screws and one Allen Key for assembly.

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