Caring for a vehicle wrap

A gentleman spot-cleaning a wrapped Lamborghini

If you’re in the business of wrapping vehicles, then you’d know how much effort and skill it takes to complete the job.

You can do your best, but once the vehicles leave your workshop, it is up to your customers to ensure that they care for the vehicle wraps as best they can to ensure longevity of the wrap.

Encourage your customers to wash their vinyl wrap once a week or more if their vehicles are exposed to plenty of dirt or pollutants. Dirt and pollutants can scratch and damage the wrap.

Vehicle owners who have wrapped their cars should use a gentle and effective automotive detergent; any good brand will work. One should just shop around to find a quality brand.

Customers are advised to stay away from high pressure cleaners or mechanical brushes to wash their vehicle wraps. This can cause the vinyl wrap to get scratched, peel and to chip around the edges.

Customers should let the vehicle air dry or dry it off with a microfiber cloth to make sure that the vinyl doesn’t lift off the vehicle.

Your customers should avoid leaving their cars in direct sunlight, particularly during the summer. UV rays are dangerous and can ruin the vinyl on their vehicles. When the vehicles are not in use, they should be stored in a garage or in the shade.

If possible, encourage your customers to make use of a protective overlaminate, as it will protect the wrap of the vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These basic care tips can ensure that your customers have a wrap that can stand the test of time. It is of paramount importance that you provide not only a quality wrap, but quality advice as well. This makes all the difference when trading with customers.

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