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KR UV Flatbed Printer

LIYU KR UV Flatbed Printer

This high-class model has Konica Minolta KM1024/KM1024I industrial UV print heads (14pl, 9pl or 6pl optional). It has a print speed that is more than double that of the KM512 print head. It prints at a maximum resolution of 2880dpi.

You can choose from between 4 and 8 colours on the machine, giving you the option to achieve white/varnish spot colour print, colour-white, or colour-white-colour print at the same time. The machine has multiple vacuum partitions, enabling you to adjust your work area to suit your needs. To ensure a speedy work-flow, LIYU has installed an automatic media height and location detection system.

Various materials, with different specifications and thicknesses (up to 100 mm), can be used. This means that you can target a whole range of business sectors, such as promotion, advertisement, furniture, decoration, glass and textile.

Textile FH Printer

LIYU Textile FH Printer

LIYU’s Textile Printer wields an impressive modern outer design, a 3200mm maximum print width, a print speed of up to 210 m2/h, a maximum resolution of 2880dpi and a 14pl droplet size.

This makes it possible to print at photograph-quality on many different types of fabrics. These include: bed covers, curtains, wall coverings, seat covers, flags, tablecloths, t-shirts, and clothing.

Transfer Paper/Deco-LED Printer

LIYU Transfer Paper Deco-LED Printer

LIYU’s Transfer Paper Printer and Deco-LED Printer both wield an impressive modern outer design, a maximum print width of 1800mm, a print speed up to 150m2/h, a maximum resolution of 1440dpi and a 6pl droplet size.

These features make it possible for the machines to produce high quality work at a much faster rate.

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