Ezee Products and Finishing Tools

Ezee Applicator

Ezee Applicator EZ3200

The highly innovative Ezee Applicator enables all your application projects to be completed by one person, in record time and without squeegees and soapy water. You no longer need extra hands to assist aligning the media. Nor do you need to risk damaging the project while applying, leading to costly re-prints or re-cutting.

Choose from one of the following four sizes to save countless hours of frustration and time wastage: EZA0 (1450x860mm), EZ2000 (2000x1220mm), EZ2800 (2800x1500mm), EZ3200 (3200x1650mm). All the models, excluding the EZA0, are backlit, to make sure you can easily weed fine-detail prints.

Although we pride ourselves with just how Ezee the Ezee Applicator is to operate, Sytech Supplies will provide on-site operating & maintenance training after delivery of your new Ezee Applicator.

Royal Sovereign Finishing Products

Hot & Cold Laminators

Royal Sovereign Laminators

Royal Sovereign provides a wide range of wide format roll laminator solutions for schools, libraries, government institutions, and the sign and print industry.

We are currently supplying their both their hot and cold 1650mm wide roll laminators.

Built for safety and ease of use, these sturdy machines require little assembly and minimal maintenance.

PVC Pocket Welder Machine

Royal Sovereign PVC Pocket Welder

High quality, affordable thermal welding machine specifically engineered for users to easily and professionally weld vinyl banner material of various weights. Built for safety and ease of use, this compact machine is perfect for welding, hemming, creating rope pockets and pole pockets, and much more. Royal Sovereign’s vinyl banner welding machine is the fast and easy solution for creating durable vinyl banners.


Cold Laminator

Beauty Cold Laminators

The Beauty Cold Laminator has a maximum working width of 1580mm and a maximum speed of 5 meters per minute. It has a roller diameter of 128mm, and is powered by a 60W motor.

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