GCC Vinyl Cutters

RX Series

GCC RX Series

The RX series of cutting plotters is available in four sizes, 61cm, 101cm, 132cm, and 183cm. Designed With a stylish appearance and new functional features, the RX series is the top-notch cutter in the market for professional sign-makers.

Jaguar Series

GCC Jaguar Series

The Jaguar V series cutting plotters are equipped with a maximum of 600 gram cutting force and 60 ips (1530 mm/sec) cutting speed which can not only facilitate the completion of different cutting jobs but extend the possibilities of your business. With advanced functions, high accuracy, solid reliability and modern looks, the Jaguar V series cutting plotters deliver more than your expectation.

This series of professional and quality-oriented cutting plotters is available in four sizes: 61cm, 101cm, 132cm and 183cm. The Jaguar V series vinyl cutting plotters include the Jaguar V models and Jaguar V LX models. The Jaguar V models are an advanced version of Jaguar II and are without AAS (Automatic-Aligning System) while the Jaguar V LX models come from the Jaguar IV series and are with AAS.

Expert Series

GCC Expert Series

The Expert Family provides sign makers with optimum speed, superior quality, solid reliability and unmatched value. Over the last 15 years GCC has produced over 250,000 machines for the sign making industry. GCC has combined all that knowledge to provide the entry level consumer the very best machine in the world.

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