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Indoor signage vs outdoor signage: which is more suitable?

By Adryan Ogle | 15 Aug 18

There are many different sub-types of signage, and each type is used for a specific purpose or to communicate a particular message. For millennia signs have been the unspoken way in which humans communicate with each other. Whether a business is looking to advertise specials or gain new consumers, signage is a valuable tool which…

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A Nissan R35 GT-R in the process of being washed

Caring for a vehicle wrap

By Adryan Ogle | 13 Aug 2018

If you’re in the business of wrapping vehicles, then you’d know how much effort and skill it takes to complete the job. You can do your best, but once the vehicles leave your workshop, it is up to your customers to ensure that they care for the vehicle wraps as best they can to ensure…

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A businessman reading a business newspaper

Point of sale tips to boost your business

By Adryan Ogle | 08 Aug 2018

Ensuring that your clients have effective signs is a top priority for your signage company. However, this priority should never supersede your own. In order to increase purchases and awareness about your business’s functions, it is important to have creative ways in which you can communicate special prices, guarantees on products and your company ethos.…

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Calendered vinyl rolls in storage

Read all about it – calendered vinyl: what are its perks and its downsides?

By Adryan Ogle | 07 Aug 2018

Calendered films have long reigned supreme in the world of signage and graphics. They are preferred for an array of vinyl application jobs required by the contemporary signage industry. The way in which this type of vinyl is made differs from that of its counterpart, cast vinyl. Calendered vinyl is created when a molten mixture…

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Close up of vinyl rolls

Cast Vinyl 101: what is cast vinyl and what is it used for?

By Adryan Ogle | 01 Aug 2018

In the world of signage and graphics, vinyl is a popular material used for both indoor and outdoor signage. It is possible to cover an array of substrates including cars, floors and even kitchen appliances. However, with different films used for different purposes, it could be required of you to conduct preliminary research to discover…

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Let’s choose a printer!

By Sytech Supplies | 01 Aug 2018

Selecting a printer can be tough given the sheer amount of options on the market, not to mention the elaborate terms that only seem to complicate the process. This is why we’ve put together a quick and simple guide that will help you to select the printer that best suits your business needs! The Inkjet…

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Create an effective wayfinding sign

By Sytech Supplies | 01 Aug 2018

From the moment people arrive at your facility, until the moment they leave, directional signs and graphics have the ability to make or break a visitor’s experience. Effective wayfinding signage helps create a more streamlined, organised navigation experience, getting people where they need to be quickly. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

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Cleaning a wide format digital inkjet printer

Do’s and don’ts for the maintenance and upkeep of your printers

By Adryan Ogle | 27 Jul 2018

You may have purchased a printer from us, but as it is said, things will not work for you unless you do. Our technicians are here to repair, refurbish and maintain all of your printers at the ring of a phone call, with no question which you have going unanswered. However, not every issue that…

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PowerBrand rebrand of KingsPark Jonsson Workwear Stadium

There is power in our brands, PowerBrand reveals

By Adryan Ogle | 23 Jul 2018

At Sytech we are pleased to partner with major signage companies across the country who bring brands and media campaigns to life for the consumption of all those who are out on the town every now and then. If you’re native to Durban, whether you’re a sports fanatic or not, you probably would have noticed…

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Mr Kevin Richards

Professional service and quality machinery: Ezee Applicator inventor reveals all

By Adryan Ogle | 19 Jul 2018

Sytech is proud to have individuals from all professional backgrounds who work to deliver the products that you know and love. One of the best finishing products on the market was created by our very own Kevin Richards, who despite having a history in engineering, has found himself working in the signage supply industry for…

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