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Here are our top heat transfer vinyls that you need to know about!

By Sytech Supplies | 3 Dec 18

  There’s no time like the present to start your own venture, in this case, a t-shirt printing business. If you are new to the industry you need to understand that your customers want bright and colourful heat transfer vinyls (HTV). While we’ve discussed the Different Options For T-Shirt Printing, this time we’re diving into…

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What determines how long it takes for signs to fade?

By Sytech Supplies | 03 Dec 2018

Whether it’s summer, spring, winter or fall, there are signs outside battling the elements. One of the common hurdles to outdoor durability is pollution but the main obstacle to is UV radiation from the sun. It is also important to note that the lifespan of the design can vary depending on the colours chosen. Not…

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A piece of engraved woodwork

The benefits of using a CNC router for carpentry

By Adryan Ogle | 30 Nov 2018

Carpentry is an ancient yet robust industry, with modern advancements facilitating the ease and efficacy of noteworthy output. While hand-crafted pieces are a real treasure, larger businesses aim to complete bigger jobs at faster rates. The carpentry industry is still quite popular as wood is widely used for an array of signage needs, and of…

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A day in the life of a Sytech technician

By Adryan Ogle | 22 Nov 2018

It is only passion that drives our technicians to go to great lengths to be of service to you. If you’ve ever wondered how our technicians are always readily willing to help with smiles on their faces, then you’d have to track their days. What is life like for this crew? It’s early in the…

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Vinyl floor graphics in an office

The charm and suitability of floor graphics

By Adryan Ogle | 20 Nov 2018

Floors don’t have to be plain, especially if a company is looking for a different way to get its name out there. More mainstream forms of advertising include billboards and vehicle wraps, and albeit effective, one might want to consider a more affordable and unique method such as floor graphics for marketing purposes. Floor laminate…

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Exterior wall graphics on an office building

Functions and perks of exterior wall graphics

By Adryan Ogle | 13 Nov 2018

The purpose of wall graphics is to decorate and brand walls, transforming spaces in ways that reflect the companies that occupy them and activities that go on in them, to help people navigate around them or to create a particular mood. This is according to Auragraphics.com. Exterior wall graphics are an interesting method to catch…

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T-shirts that have undergone sublimation and printing

Different options suitable for T-shirt printing

By Adryan Ogle | 08 Nov 2018

Did you ever think that it’s possible to put foil on a T-shirt? Well, probably not. However, at present, there is an endless amount of different materials that are suitable for T-shirt printing. Most of the materials come in different forms, different finishes and different grades. This means that just about any interesting design can be put on a T-shirt using any…

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Road signs

The extraordinary composition of everyday road signs

By Adryan Ogle | 06 Nov 2018

Imagine a society in which road signs did not exist. What would that world be like? Informative and sometimes irking, road signs are a necessity in most developed societies globally. These signs tell us what speed to travel at, when to stop, and when there is construction up ahead. Without them, road users would be…

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First-plFirst-place trophies neatly kept in a cabinet. Photo by Ariel Besagarace trophies neatly kept in a cabinet

Sytech Supplies receives A-level rating

By Adryan Ogle | 02 Nov 2018

Sytech Supplies has received an A-level rating from clients all across the country, according to our recent poll. The Facebook poll reveals that more than 80% of our clients are pleased with our work, indicating that the majority of our customers are fundamentally happy with our current partnerships. On the other hand, a lesser 17%…

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How to adhere small vinyl prints without creating bubbles

By Sytech Supplies | 01 Nov 2018

Wage war against bubbles and wrinkles with practical techniques designed to yield picture perfect graphic installations. Step 1: Make sure the surface you’re adhering the vinyl to is clean and dust free.   Step 2: Remove the design from the backing paper.     Step 3: When you place it on the surface, first adhere…

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